We are saffron, spice and food additives producing company located in Azerbaijan Repl.

Our mission is to respond to the needs of our customers by offering only organic and high quality products.

Our vision is to become a reference point for our customers in terms of quality and in-time supply of our products.

Our value is to stress the importance of relations between nature and human being to achieve the quality and success. We are environmentally responsible company.

Contact :
Adress : Buzovna B 40, AZ1041 Bakı/Azərbaycan
Telephone : +994(51) 341-9164
E-mail : info@zafaran.az
Facebook : Safran MMC
Instagram : safranzafaran

Open case 1 gram saffron
Price: 20 Azn

1.1 gram saffron in a gift box.
Price: 30 Azn
Sale on price 25 AZN (19.13.2018-19.09.2018)

Local shipping is free.
International shipping should be checked and requested additionally.
We have cheapest international shipping costs and could deliver worldwide.

Our products

1.1 gr. of saffron stigmas in a gift box.
5 reasons to buy this product.


1.Meets the highest (grade I) standards as per ISO 3632-2 2010. See laboratory results.


2.We use only red part of saffron stigmas. So, you buy red saffron stigmas only.


3.Dried and treated at + 70 C to pass microbiology tests. See hygienic certificates..


4.Moisture level allows you to buy more saffron stigmas in 1 qr. of product. See laboratory results.


5.Packed in a hermetic glass jars.

Saffron bulbs.
3 reasons to buy this product.


1.Calibrated between 6 -8 cm (diameter) to get the flowers at the first year of cultivation.


2.Reasonable price and international shipping worldwide.


3.Tested for fungal infections